Join the Lab!


We have an active undergraduate volunteer sector in our lab! We accept undergraduates from all disciplines, not only from the Department of Speech and Hearing. Specific opportunities that undergraduates have in this lab:

  • Acquiring behavioral and neuroimaging data

  • Scoring behavioral data

  • Language transcription and coding (training provided)

If you are interested in volunteering in the lab, please contact Dr. Stark (bcstark[at] We expect that undergraduates attend lab meeting (once every two weeks, usually Fridays 1:30-2:30PM). We expect volunteer commitment at ~2-4 hours per week, which largely occurs on the student’s own time.

M.A. Students

We recruit graduate clinicians from the M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology.

Students are encouraged to conduct research for a thesis in their 2nd year, and our lab is a great place to conduct this research!

PhD Students

We are actively recruiting PhD students. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of our program, and because Dr. Stark is affiliated with both the Program in Neuroscience and Program in Cognitive Science, we recruit students from a variety of backgrounds. These backgrounds often include psychology, speech and hearing disorders / communication sciences, neuroscience, cognitive science, and linguistics.

Indiana University is a wonderful place to do a PhD. We have state of the art facilities, including a 3T MRI, EEG system and Speech and Hearing Clinic. We offer competitive funding for PhD students, which may involve teaching, being a graduate teaching assistant, or funding through related programs (e.g. American Sign Language). We encourage PhD students to apply for their own funding (e.g. NIH, ASHFoundation) throughout their tenure here, and support is offered from the mentor.

If you are interested in doing a PhD, please get into contact with Dr. Stark prior to submitting an application.


Applications are generally due to Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University in early January of each year. Please see the Speech and Hearing Sciences website for more information. Alternatively, you may apply through the Program in Neuroscience to work with Dr. Stark, and this program’s application is in early December. More information is available on the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences / Program in Neuroscience website.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We are currently applying for funding to support postdoctoral fellows.